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Time is a non-renewable resource. That is probably the reason why most people tend to do things in a quick pace. They want to boost their productivity or do more things with what little time they have. Multitasking indeed has become a buzzword in the rat race.

Time, however, can be difficult to manage, especially when you have a lot of commitments: community services, household obligations, social functions, and things you do in your working environment. You will need superhuman skills to be able to do each task perfectly, and more often you will end up stressed!

Stress is just one of the effects of poor time management. Some people may have lots of opportunities to sleep but just can't do so. Their anxieties - or perhaps caffeine drinks - have turned them into insomniacs. Others only have four hours of rest but seem more relaxed, more in control of their affairs.

If your problem revolves around time, you can address that by focusing the solution on time itself. Learning to develop time efficiency in the tasks you perform is a necessity for people who lead busy lives. Money and effort will go to waste if time is not well managed. The idea may seem stressful, but you can let audio books help.

Audio books are the pre-recorded spoken books that come in a downloadable format, such as MP3 or WMA. Since these are downloadable, you can get any self-help audio book much faster than ordering a hardbound copy or looking for it in a bookstore. That in itself saves time.

With the help of an MP3 player, and iPod, a CD player or even your car radio, you can keep the audio book playing until you have grabbed all the information you need. You can listen to the book anytime with your handy audio file player.

The price isn't a problem too since no tree ever gets cut to make audio books. For $11 per download, you can get the complete copy of Andy Guides' 'A Guide to Time Management.'

You may also consider downloading recorded hypnosis CDs, such as Andrew Johnson's 'Deep Relaxation,' which features voice and gentle guitar music to help you find better relaxing moments, for only $7.

Or how about David Allen's 'Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity'? Or perhaps the Stephen Covey's 'The 4 Disciplines of Execution,' which is available for $10 only!

You can download these audio books from online vendors like The Talking Book Store, which offers a wide array of self-help audio books.

Getting things done without putting yourself at great risks is a good sign that you are following a superb time management scheme. So whether you are a member of an organization, a team leader, a career person or a breadwinner, you ought to find a good plan that makes full use of your time without burning you out.

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Time Management Audio Books

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This article was published on 2010/03/30