Audio Books On Cd Make Learning Fun

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The other day I was in the bookstore browsing through some shelves of new releases. I always find it amazing at all of the books that I will never have time to read. One of the ways that I handle this growing frustration is by listening to audio books on cd. This permits me to listen to great authors while I exercise or handle other tasks around the home. I consider this form of media to be a godsend for all book lovers.

I love to read. However to successfully focus my attention on the written word I need to find a quiet place where I can remain free of distractions for several hours. In todays hustle and bustle world that is no easy feat. I try to read for about 45 minutes each day. The problem with this is that it will take more than a month to read through a typical book. With audio books on cd I can listen during what would be considered time dedicated to other ventures.

Have you ever done an inventory of what you spend your time on every day? Every night a create a to-do list for the following day. This list includes all of the activities that I want to accomplish the following day. I try to prioritize them as much as possible. What is interesting to me about this list is that usually about 40% of the activities on this list allow me to listen to a great audio book on cd.

I listen to my audio books on cd while driving my car, while walking my dogs, while exercising and while doings errands around the house. While I could only squeeze out forty five minutes a day to sit down and read a section of a book I can easily spend up to two hours a day listening to great authors present fascinating plots, stories and ideas. All it takes is the realization that a great deal of your time can be used to do more than one thing and that listening to a great book will not be a distraction in that activity.

Today there are thousands of titles that are available as audio books on cd. Whether you are interested in classical literature or current best sellers or anything in between all of these titles are available as an audiobook that can be listened to. I have introduced this media to my family and friends through great storytellers who have enriched their lives. I highly recommend audio books on cd if you are interested in enriching your life as well.
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Frederick Hail is an avid reader and fan of lifelong learning. Over the past year he listens to at least two new audio books on cd every month.

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Audio Books On Cd Make Learning Fun

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This article was published on 2010/11/03